Bike to School

It's elementary, my dear.

Building off the success of “Walk to School Day” and coinciding with National Bike Month, “National Bike to School Day” is Wednesday, May 8. It’s a day when students, educators, parents and administrators are encouraged to change community culture and create options for getting around that are more inviting to everyone, both young and old.

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Why Walk or Bike to School?

It’s Fun!

Walking and bicycling bring a sense of joy, independence and freedom.

Healthier Habits

The trip to school is a chance for children (and adults!) to get the physical activity they need and begin making active living a part of everyday life.

Cleaner Environment

Replacing car trips to school with walking or biking can ease traffic, reduce air-polluting emissions and help make the world a little healthier for everyone.

Promoting Safety

Education programs, along with the encouragement of walking or biking to school, can help build infrastructure and bring about improvements to the broader community.

Community Benefits

Reducing traffic congestion, boosting a sense of community and improving neighborhood connections benefit the entire school community.

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