A carpool consists of two or more people sharing the ride to work. Carpools can be as flexible as needed. Share the ride every day, or once a week. It is up to you. But remember, the more you share, the more you save!

Carpooling vs Driving

According to the American Automobile Association's 2017 Edition of Your Driving Costs, the average cost of owning and operating a small sedan in 2017 is $6,354 per year, a medium SUV is $9,451 per year and an electric vehicle is $8,439 per year. These numbers are based on 15,000 miles of driving annually. With one more person in your vehicle, your commute costs can be cut in half. Add another person, and now you're only paying 1/3 of what you pay driving solo!

Thinking of carpooling?

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Do you already carpool?

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carpool infographic
carpool infographic

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1. How do I find a carpool that fits my needs?

Dibs is the best tool to find carpools around San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced counties. Simply register, enter your starting and destination points then watch as all relevant carpools pop up on the map. Click each route to find out details, who is driving and contact the driver to join.

2. There are no routes that work for me. What now?

Start your own! There could be other commuters in your area with the same issue, so if you have a vehicle, why not share the ride, help out your neighbors and save some money all at once? Carpools are easy to start on the Dibs dashboard. If you need assistance, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process.

3. I know I can save money, but how much am I really saving?

A lot. If you drive to work five times a week and travel 10 miles per round trip, you could save $783 a year by carpooling with one other person and over $1,000 a year by carpooling with two other people! That’s a lot of extra cash, and the savings only increase with more people in the carpool and the longer the distance you drive.