Congrats to Defense Logistic Agency!

Congratulations to Defense Logistics Agency! This green-minded agency was was awarded the Dibs ECO (Excellence in Commuter Options) Award for their commitment to providing their employees with smart transportation options.

On Wednesday, March 13th, at the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce (California)​ REXPO event, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)​ was recognized for their ongoing commitment to give their employees smart and eco-friendly travel options.

“Since its inception the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District has reduced emission by over 85%,” Supervisor Bob Elliot said during the event. “The valley is a leader in implementing voluntary emission reductions programs. To date the district has delivered over $2.2 billion in voluntary emissions reduction projects.”

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and dibs award to the ECO Award (Excellence in Commuter Options) to an employer who has demonstrated their commitment by investing in sustainability efforts to make a difference to the environment and for their employees.

DLA provides materials to US Forces worldwide. Since partnering with Dibs​ over a decade ago, they have registered 662 employees, created 64 van pools, taken over 300 single occupancy vehicles off the road, reduced 5.2 tons of CO2 emissions, and they’ve only just begun!

Thank you for all you do!