ERH Program Guidelines

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program Guidlines

The use of transportation modes such as biking, carpooling, riding transit, vanpooling, and walking are promoted by all public agencies involved with transportation as a part of the solution to increasing traffic problems and poor air quality. However, many commuters choose not to participate in rideshare programs because they fear that in the case of an emergency they will be without transportation. The concept of the “Emergency Ride Home” program was created as a response to these fears.

In the event of a qualified emergency, the ERH program provides free* transportation through ride-hailing companies or car rental agencies to commuters who are pre-registered in the ERH program.

Emergency Ride Home program procedures:

  • You must use Smart Travel to and from work at least (3) three times each week.
  • Eligible Smart Travel options include: Carpool, Vanpool, Public Transit, Walk or Bicycle.
  • You must be pre-registered in the ERH Program at least 3 days prior to first usage.
  • Your vanpool must be registered with Dibs.
  • Your starting point or work destination must be within San Joaquin, Stanislaus or Merced Counties.
  • Your pick up point must be at your employer worksite.
  • You can use the program 4 times per year.
  • If you use a taxi, you can use a onetime 10-minute stop to your destination point (i.e. to pick up a sick child from school).
  • You must turn in your travel voucher or reimbursement request within 7 days of usage.
  • If you use a rental car, you must return the car to the office where it was rented from within 24 hours (Dibs will not pay for rentals over the 24-hour limit, for gas, or for luxury cars).

Eligible reasons for using the emergency ride home program:

  • You are ill and cannot wait for your regular ride home.
  • Your supervisor asks you to work UNSCHEDULED overtime.
  • An immediate family member is ill or has been in a serious accident (an immediate family member would be a parent, sibling, spouse, child or significant other.)
  • A serious problem or crisis arises. For example:
  • Your child’s school or daycare notifies you of a situation that requires immediate attention.
  • There is damage to your home or property.
  • The driver of your carpool or vanpool has to leave early due to an emergency and you are left stranded. In this situation, all riders should use the ERH program together in one vehicle if possible.

Ineligible reasons for using the emergency ride home program:

  • Preplanned overtime.
  • Personal errands.
  • Preplanned medical and dental appointments.
  • Business related travel.
  • A natural disaster (earthquake, flood).
  • On the job injury (Worker’s Compensation issue).
  • Other reasons that may be deemed invalid use of the Program, as determined by the program administrator.

Two ways to use the Emergecny Ride Home program

  1. Travel Voucher – You may use the Travel Voucher method if you use a contracted taxi or rental car company (see below for contracted ride-hailing companies). Provide a copy of the completed Travel Voucher to the contracted taxi driver or Enterprise Rent a Car. They will complete their portion and bill Dibs for payment. Send a copy of the Travel Voucher to Dibs for verification and payment. (Once you are entered into the ERH program, you can obtain a Travel Voucher by signing on to your Dibs profile at click on “Incentives” and “Point Programs”)
  2. Reimbursement Request – You may contact a convenient transportation company and use the Reimbursement Request if your employer is in an area where there are no contracted ride-hailing companies or an Enterprise Rental office. In this case, you would pay out of pocket and Dibs will reimburse you.
  3. Send completed forms with receipts to: Dibs, 555 E. Weber Ave., Stockton, CA 95202.

San Joaquin County

Stockton, Tracy, Manteca & surrounding areas:

Yellow Cab 209 465-5721
Valley Transport 209 462-8700
(Tracy) United Cab 209 888-8888

Enterprise Car Rental
800 736-8222

Stanislaus County

Modesto, Oakdale, Turlock:

Yellow Cab 209 465-5721
United Cab 209 888-8888
Metro Cab 209-523-3333

Enterprise Car Rental
800 736-8222

Merced County

Enterprise Car Rental
800 736-8222

*Dibs will pay 100% of your bill up to $75. Exceptions to the $75 limit will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Dibs is a program of the San Joaquin Council of Governments, Stanislaus Council of Governments and the Merced County Association of Governments.