Bike Month 2019 is here!

Bike Month 2019 is here! Gear up for the biggest and boldest Bike Month yet with over $3,000 in prizes!

Oh but wait, you say! I probably won’t be eligible for any good prizes.

Well that’s where you’d be wrong, my friends!

Even with only one trip logged you can still win a fabulous, amazing, 365 cans of La Croix! That’s right – an entire year’s worth of sparkling goodness can be yours for the low entry point of one bike trip!

This year’s fabulous prizes are:

Log 1 trip 1 years’ worth of LaCroix (365+ cans)

Log 2 trips – National Parks Package – 2 annual passes, 2 shirts, 2 sticker packs, 2 hats, park poster map, trail map kit, & National Park book.

Log 4 trips – Apple Watch

Log 10 trips – Foldable Electric Bicycle

Bike Month kicks off May 1st! Gear up and be there.