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When you’re a member you’ll have access to the Dibs dashboard that shows you how much money, CO2 and time you’ve saved among other things. You’ll also be able to qualify for amazing prizes and incentives.


Record Your Travel

Log your trip, get rewards. It’s that simple. Use the Commute Tracker app to automatically log rides. Or, once your Smart Travel trip is completed, login to your Dibs dashboard and record your trip. You’ll be able to see how your Smart Travel habits stack up against your friends’ and automatically be entered to win prizes!


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We get it, alternative transportation can be tricky. We’re here to fix that. With Dibs, you can easily map out smarter ways to travel and be on the road – or the rail – in minutes. When you travel smart, good things happen. You’ll save money, improve your health and do a major favor to the environment. Plan your Smart Travel today!


Enjoy Great Incentives!

There are so many reasons to use Smart Travel. Reducing traffic and pollution are just two. Did you know you could not only save money, but be rewarded to use some smart travel options? And that’s not even mentioning all the health benefits you get from biking and walking. With so many great reasons to use Smart Travel, why wouldn’t you?

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