It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your new ride!!

Would you ever consider flying to work?

It may sound crazy, but that’s the idea behind Valley Airpool. Although just a concept at this time, the airpool (a play on vanpools, of course!) would offer an 18 minute trip between Stockton and San Jose.

Compared to the time it takes for that same route when driving, an airpool passenger could save over a month each year just on the time they spend commuting.

Each aircraft would seat six passengers plus a pilot, and run on renewable biofuel, meaning it’s also an environmentally friendly option compared to driving.

How much will it cost? Is it cheaper than driving? While these are just working numbers, the goal is to keep the pricing as accessible as possible and is currently estimated at around $20 per person, per flight. Compare this to the $40 cost* of making the same trip alone in a car, and we think the tickets will practically sell themselves.

With over 60,000 people making the trek to the Bay Area each day from the Valley, we think it’s worth looking at some crazy solutions to a crazy traffic problem. While still in development, we’ll be sure and keep you posted on any updates with Valley Airpool.

In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with trying the OG Smart Travel methods – be sure and check our trip planner at to see if there’s a vanpool, train, commuter bus, or carpool that might get you flyin’.

We want to know what you think! Would you take a plane to work? What zany travel ideas do you have?