Meet the ConsiderRoutes

This feisty little group of helpers is here to help teach us about traveling smart, safe, and healthy!

Get to know each and everyone of them.

Pollution Reducer

Tip: Traveling smarter still helps prevent pollution. Safety starts with you.
Likes: Finding solutions that benefit the Earth.
Dislikes: People who litter.

Safe Sanitizer

Tip: Smart Travelers all around are finding easy ways to stay healthy and safe.
Likes: Clean hands.
Dislikes: People who cough or sneeze without covering their mouths.

Penny Pincher

Tip: Going touch-less and prepaying online makes your traveling experience safer and fast.
Likes: Finding new ways to save money.
Dislikes: People who walk by lucky pennies and don’t pick them up. Wasteful!

Not-So-Close Neighbor

Tip: Be thoughtful to your fellow travelers by wearing a mask and staying home if you feel ill.
Likes: Helping the community.
Dislikes: People who don’t wear masks.

Thoughtful Traveler

Tip: Give crosswalk buttons a fist bump instead of the palm of your hand, this will make smart traveling safer.
Likes: Traveling with others and making new friends.
Dislikes: People who are not considerate and respectful to other’s personal space.

Wallet Watcher

Tip: Whichever travel option is right for you, find the ConsiderRoute and learn tips and tricks on how to save!
Likes: A fat wallet!
Dislikes: Filling up all the time.

Caring Carpooler

Tip: Be considerate to your carpooling buddies by wearing a mask and keep social distancing.
Likes: The time to relax or catch up on work while it is not their turn to drive.
Dislikes: Traffic.

CO2 Crusher

Tip: Make your next trip to school or work good for the planet, your wallet and your health.
Likes: Reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, whenever possible.
Dislikes: Smog and people that don’t pay attention to how their choices effect the environment.

Social Distancer

Tip: Smile with your eyes when greeting carpool or vanpool driver.
Likes: People willing to respect social distancing.
Dislikes: People who get too close.