There are so many reasons to use Smart Travel.

Reducing traffic and pollution are just two. Did you know you could not only save money, but be rewarded to use some smart travel options? And that’s not even mentioning all the health benefits you get from biking and walking. With so many great reasons to use Smart Travel, why wouldn’t you?

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) Vanpool Incentive Program

SJVAPCD is offering a vanpool incentive of $360 per commuter per year for vanpool passengers who qualify. The subsidy is for vanpool riders for one to three years or up to $1,080. The passenger must reside within the geographic area of the SJVAPCD and meet a one-way mileage requirement . Other eligibility requirements may apply. Click here to apply.

Tax Credits

Changes to the federal tax code have made transportation fringe benefits more appealing than ever. Four tax advantage transportation benefit options are available. Learn more in the Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits.

Benefits in Addition to Salary

Employers may provide up to $270 per month starting January 2020 to commuting employees for transit, parking or vanpool fares. The employer pays for the benefit and receives the equivalent deduction from business income taxes. Employees receive the benefit completely free of payroll and income taxes, in addition to their current salary. Employers can pay directly for vanpool expenses or purchase transit passes for employees. Alternatively, they can reimburse employees if these passes are not available and the employee provides a receipt.

Benefits Instead of Salary

Starting January 2020, employers may permit their employees to set aside up to $270 per month of their pre-tax income to pay for transit, parking and vanpools. Employees save on income taxes since that amount is no longer reported as taxable salary. Employers are able to reduce their payroll costs.


Employers may share the cost of commuting with their employees. Employers can give their employees part of the cost in addition to salary and allow their employees to set aside part of their pre-tax income to pay the remaining amount. The employer can subsidize any amount, but only $270 per month is tax deductible. Any amount over that is taxable.

Qualified Parking

Employers may offer employees the option of cashing out the value of employer provided parking. Effective January 2020, employee may receive up to $270 per month tax free for giving up their parking space.

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