Working from home is becoming more popular and possible every day. With countless ways to stay connected and traffic getting worse, companies around the country are implementing work-from-home strategies for their employees. Dibs can help your business set up a telecommute plan that will boost office moral and help the environment all at once.

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1. Does Telecommuting have to be a full-time program?

Not at all! Most telecommuters work from home one to three times per week.

2. How will I know my employees are working?

It depends on the person. Employees who are productive and reliable in the office are generally the same outside the office. Telecommuting can be a positive situation for both your company and your employee, and cultivate trust in the office. Plus, telecommuters can be even more productive as they are able to work away from interruptions, noise, telephone calls, and people dropping by.

3. How will I reach my employees when I need them?

There are many ways to keep in touch with employees throughout the day, from setting up Google Chat or Skype instant messaging to simply requiring employees to keep their phones nearby.