Tips for Telecommuting Success

Tips for Telecommuting Success

 Separate work life from home life.

Establish ‘do not disturb’ guidelines, work hours, break times, and a policy on handling personal matters. For example, no doing dishes or laundry or taking out the trash during work hours. Treat your home office as if it were a ‘real’ office located somewhere else.

Get “ready” for work.

Although it may be tempting to lounge around in your pajamas, experts highly recommend showering and getting dressed as if you were heading to a workplace. As far as attire goes, you probably can get away with shorts and a T-shirt in warmer weather or heavier clothes in colder weather. Keeping your usual morning “ready” ritual can include a brief walk or bike ride before your office hours.

Establish “office” hours.

While telecommuting offers lots of flexibility, you’ve still got to stick to a schedule. If you don’t create a window of time for your job, you’ll either work around the clock or put off your work.

 Set up the proper environment.

Carve out a space in your home that’s your dedicated workspace. Ideally, the space should have a door so that you can shut out noise or interruptions. Your workspace shouldn’t be at your kitchen table or in your bedroom, experts say. Keep your physical desk and desktop clean.

Make a to-do list

Plan your day, including breaks for email. If it takes < 5 minutes, don’t add it to the to-do list. just knock it out and give yourself a quick win.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Check in at least once a day by email, online chat, phone or videoconferencing with your managers and coworkers. Track your work progress so you can quickly give updates on deliverables.

Don’t constantly monitor your cellphone.

Setting your phone to silent or turn it off altogether when work demands most or all of our attention. The same advice can apply to checking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks throughout the day, unless that’s a key part of your job.

Park downhill

End your day thinking about what tomorrow’s to-do list will be and in a place to dive back in. The best thing you can do to end your day successfully, is set yourself up for the next day.


These tips were compiled from the Huffington Post & Tech Republic