Vanpools make getting to work quick and fun. A vanpool is a group of up to fifteen people who commute to and from work together in a van. Vanpools work best for people that live at least twenty miles away from their workplace and have a consistent work schedule. You can form a new vanpool today through Enterprise Rideshare, vRide or CalVans, and receive $200 a month for a year! See below, or contact Dibs at 800-52-SHARE for more information.

Vanpool Subsidies

Dibs currently offers new vanpools a subsidy of $200 per month for one year. That’s $2,400 as long as agreement obligations are met. A second subsidy is offered to those who have already used the first year subsidy. This is the Long Term Subsidy for $100 per month, as long as agreement obligations are met. The trip must start or end within San Joaquin, Stanislaus or Merced Counties.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) also has a Vanpool Incentive Program. They offer a $360 subsidy per commuter, per year for vanpool passengers who qualify. The subsidy is for vanpool riders for one to three years or up to $1,080. The passenger must reside within the geographic area of the SJVAPCD and meet a one-way mileage requirement. Other eligibility requirements may apply. Click here to apply.

Vanpool Subsidy Agreement and Roster

Vanpool Subsidy Guidelines

Medical Reimbursement Form

Park & Ride

Emergency Ride Home

Got your vanpool all set up? You might be eligible for our Emergency Ride Home program! Check it out here!

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1. Who owns the van?

Vans can leased through Enterprise Rideshare, vRide, or CalVans.

2. Who drives the van?

The members of the vanpool can decide. Some vans have one primary driver who drives every day or shares the driving with back-up drivers. Other vans split the driving between the members. It just depends on what works best for your vanpool.

3. How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the size and year of the van, passenger occupancy, daily round trip miles, and more. Contact a vanpool provider for a cost estimate.

4. Do you need special driver's license to drive the van?

No. All you need is a standard Class C license. Drivers for larger vans need to complete a DMV Class B driver’s medical examination. Dibs will reimburse each new driver for the out of pocket cost of their medical examination with proper documentation.

5. Can the van be used for personal use?

In some cases limited personal mileage is available. Check with Enterprise Rideshare, vRide or CalVans for additional details.

6. How do I get started?

Type your information into our Trip Planner to see what existing vans might fit your schedule, or let Dibs know you’re interested in vanpooling by calling 1-800-52-SHARE. We will assist you in finding an existing vanpool, or help you start your own.