Work with Vanpools Webinar UPDATE

Update March 15, 2021: With today’s Microsoft Teams outage, and members of the vanpool webinar team still affected, we made the difficult but necessary decision to move the date of the webinar to 11 am March 23. Same time, still a Tuesday, just next week instead of this one.

We want to make sure we deliver everyone the best possible experience to everyone and thank you for your understanding.

So what now? If you’ve already registered: Don’t worry. The Eventbrite information and link will be updated to reflect the new date.

If you haven’t registered – Great News! You have one more week to do so.

We’ll see you all on the 23rd!


There’s been many conversations, podcasts, and webinars about returning to work in a post-COVID world. This isn’t one of them. This is about vanpools and vanpool programs – how to implement them, and their benefits to both employers and workers.

In the Northern Central Valley of California (San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced counties), we’ve seen a historic rise of vanpool use, even during COVID-19.

Join the dibs program of the San Joaquin Council of Governments, Commute with Enterprise, and Telsa Motors for this conversation on vanpools and chaning the the way we commute.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Maynard at